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Agriculture Donations
Fresh produce is not only a healthy consumer product, but it has grown to over 20 percent of the food distributed by the Food Bank. By working together, we can pioneer new ways to reduce waste, better utilize available resources and help bring more food to those in our community who are hungry.

Whether a grower, distributor or local farmer, donation opportunities include:

Surplus produce: If you find yourself with extra vegetables or fruit that you are unable to sell or won’t be able to use, we ask that you consider donating them.

Less-than-perfect produce:
Donate less-than-ideal food that is still perfectly edible to our neighbors in need.

Land: Dedicate extra land to grow fresh food for food banks.

Help feed your bottom line and the hungry by making a commitment to donate today. For more information contact Dennis Thomas or Kevin Hood, our food sourcing team, at 402.905.4826 or 402.905.4807, respectively.
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